U.S. Boater Customs Information


As a friendly reminder to U.S. boaters, the following documents will satisfy both U.S. and Canadian Customs:

  • One of the following forms of documentation is required
    • NEXUS
    • Enhanced Driver's License
    • Passport
  • For NEXUS holders, you must call NEXUS to receive your Boater Registration Number (BR)
  • The NEXUS contact number is 1-866-99-NEXUS (1-866-996-3987)
  • Boaters travelling with Enhanced Driver's License or Passport require an I-68 document which is obtained at U.S. Customs offices. NEXUS card holders do not require an I-68


Pre-Registration Process

For boat groups of five or more, please contact us regarding pre-registration with Canada Customs. For this easy process to work successfully, Sarnia Bay Marina must be your first and only stop in Canada. All that is needed for each boat is:

  • Boat captain's name
  • Boat name
  • Boater registration number
  • NEXUS or enhanced driver's license and I-68, or passport and I-68


Check out the Mariner's Coalition Link for up to date further information.

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